The Acts of Paul and Thecla

We asked local sixth form students to help us understand the conflicts driving ancient stories of family crisis.

Thecla intro 2The Acts of Paul and Thecla, set in the 1st century, tells the story of Thecla, a teenaged bride-to-be who rejects an arranged marriage despite the pleas of her mother Theiocleia and her fiance Thamyris. (Click the black box to the right for an intro from Professor Kate Cooper.)Alicia title page

<– Alicia imagines Thamyris’ anger when he was jilted.Chloe title page

Chloé sees a conflicted Thamyris. –>
Monty title page

<– Monty sympathises with Thecla’s anger.Callum title page

But Callum sees a young, vulnerable Thecla. –>
Abbie title page

<– Abbie sees through the eyes of a livid Theocleia.Rupert title page

Rupert imagines a disappointed Theiocleia. –>


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