We like to involve a wide range of people in our events – recently we have held workshops for schools and the media as well as other academics.

Constructing EmpathyConstructive Empathy and Creative Encounters (Manchester Museum, July 2013) invited A-level pupils to see the ancient and modern worlds through new eyes, debating ‘radical adolescents’ and their bewildered parents in second-century narratives.

Between Heaven & EarthBetween Heaven and Earth (September 2012), co-sponsored with the International Late Antiquity Network, invited academics from  across Europe and the English-speaking world to debate how religious groups (including pagans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims) were regulated by law at the end of antiquity.

Faces and VoicesFaces & Voices (The John Rylands Library Deansgate, June 2012) invited A-level pupils to write first-person narratives (“A Day in the Life”) based on our Faces & Voices exhibition of Roman-period Mummy portraits and papyri that together reveal to us daily life “on the ground” for the inhabitants of Roman Egypt.

Conflicting IdentitiesConflicting Identities (May 2010) invited academics, local stake-holder organisations, and representatives from the BBC to a “horizon-scanning” workshop considering the ancient roots of religious and ethnic tensions which are still alive in modern Britain.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on an event, please email


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